What MCA-TV Volunteers Do

MCA-TV offers a quarterly training session for community members who are interested in becoming volunteers at the station. This series of four, hands-on classes covers the basics of camera operation, lighting, audio and an introduction to editing. MCA-TV’s free training classes are open to residents of any community. Upon completion, trainees are ready to assist with any MCA-TV production. Once trained, volunteers also have the opportunity to continue building their skills through advanced training opportunities. For details about the next scheduled training class, please contact the studio at mca-tv@moontwp.com or 412-269-1191.

Volunteers vs.
Community Producer

While MCA-TV welcomes residents of any community as technical volunteers, community producers must be Moon Township residents. To create a program to air on MCA-TV, a Moon Township resident must sign on as the Community Producer and be willing to actively participate in the program and take responsibility for its content. All shows produced by members of the public must have a Community Producer. For rules and regulations outlining the role of volunteers and community producers, please click here.

How to
Become a Volunteer

Volunteers truly are the key to everything that goes on at MCA-TV. As a volunteer-driven television station, MCA-TV relies on volunteers to produce, edit and star in its locally-produced programs and is always looking for new volunteers and program ideas. If you have an interest in becoming part of this worthwhile community resource, please contact us at 412-269-1191 or mca-tv@moontwp.com.

Hear what some of our volunteers have to say about volunteering at MCA-TV:

“I enjoy volunteering at MCA-TV and have so for more than 20 years. The station has given me the opportunity to help people who are at home and need to exercise. They are sometimes people who cannot leave their homes or do not want to go to an exercise class. I hope I am helping them stay fit through our station. I also like the people that help with the production of the show. They are people who want to be there and like working the cameras – and I thank them all very much for helping me over the years.”
- Linda Francis, producer, “Senior Workout”

“As a former MCA-TV staff member, I know how essential volunteers are in bringing public meetings, local sporting events and other programming into community residents’ homes. I love that volunteering at MCA-TV is something anyone of any age – from pre-teen to senior citizen – can do, and something family members – parents, children husbands and wives – can do together. And because the staff and volunteers are such a great group of people, volunteering at MCA-TV is always guaranteed fun!”
- Lisa Curry, four-year volunteer

“MCA-TV is a valuable resource for the community of Moon. A person can take what they enjoy doing and pass on the knowledge they have to the rest of the community. For my experiences, I have enjoyed all the exciting places I have been and all the different people I have met, but nothing comes close to the friendship I have and will always have with the past and present staff at MCA-TV."
- Richard Wyza, 14-year volunteer

“When I retired, I was looking for something to do that was totally different from my past work – that was interesting. I’ve enjoyed working on a diverse number of shows and getting to know the hosts. It’s also been great working with the other volunteers and becoming a team.”
- Bonnie Davis, two-year volunteer

“I was always interested in filmmaking and movies, so I thought it would be a kind of low-pressure way to find people to match those interests. I think it’s a great way to be involved with the community and also to learn a lot.”
- Julie Huber, three-year volunteer

“The TV show has become somewhat of a “hobby,” allowing for another avenue of medical education for me and my audience. It’s been thoroughly enjoying.”
- Marc Schneiderman, producer, “The Doctor is In”