Volunteer Spotlight

MCA-TV is proud of the work our volunteers produce. Here are just a few of our volunteers that make an impact on a daily basis from doing camera work to producing shows. As a volunteer-driven television station, MCA-TV relies on volunteers to produce, edit and star in its locally-produced programs and is always looking for new volunteers and program ideas. If you have an interest in becoming part of this worthwhile community resource, please contact us at 412-269-1191 or mca-tv@moontwp.com.Thank you volunteers!


Mary Ceccarelli

Volunteer Producer “Get Involved”

I started volunteering for MCA-TV right around the time my son finished film school, 2016. He got me interested in photography and film. I’ve worked on a few projects over the years, but at this point, I am focused mainly on a program I produce called “Get Involved” with Council Tom Baker. Tom’s infectious smile and kindness along with his giving back to the community message(Get Involved) is one of the main reasons I keep coming back to MCA-TV. I enjoy the time I spend at MCA-TV. The staff there is alway friendly and extremely helpful. It’s a great place to meet new people, work with other volunteers, learn something new and volunteer my time.


Linda Francis

Producer of “Senior Workout”

“I have been producer and host of a fitness show since the start up of our station in 1985. Volunteers are a big key to the success of the station so please consider joining us for this great experience. I hope I have helped many people over the years no matter what their age or the shape/condition they are in and cannot attend classes. Be a volunteer and volunteer to be on my Senior Workout show!”


John Robertson


"After retiring from a career in radio, MCA-TV provided me a way to remain active in the media. It's fun learning about the technical and creative aspects of television while being able to enrich the community with thoughtful programs. Working with the incredible staff and my fellow volunteers makes for a great experience."